Clip of the Week: Happy Halloween!

Stay out of the graveyard 💀⠀⠀
Happy Halloween from the R3el team! Enjoy this Clip of the Week from #HalloweenFanatic Thea of the Trinity Church cemetery. ⠀
Unique ID: 115640-51-3527⠀⠀
Location: New York⠀⠀
Year: 1980

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Clip of the Week: Apollo 11 Crew Water Egress Training

#FootageFanatic Nathan has chosen some Apollo 11 content for his clip of the week! Here we see Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins entering the capsule for water egress training in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Unique ID: NASA545-46-2268
Location: Gulf of Mexico
Year: 1969

Clip of the Week: Dirk Bogarde and a Parrot

Dirk Bogarde strokes a parrot and gets bitten, Amersham, 1960.


Unique ID: 117720-9-3902

Location: Little Chalfont, Amersham

Year: 1960


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Clip of the Week: Miami Windsurfers

There's nothing quite like Miami in the 80's 🏄🏻‍♀️

#FootageFanatic Gerry has chosen this colourful clip of Miami windsurfers for his Clip of the Week.

Unique ID: 115829-5-3667
Location: Miami
Year: 1988