The Index Collection Showreel is here! 🎉📽🎞⠀

The Index Collection Showreel is here! 🎉📽🎞

After its premiere at Breakfast With the Archives, our showreel for the Index Collection is now live across our channels.⠀

The Index Collection is film-based, boasting over a thousand cans of 35mm and 16mm footage dating from the 1960’s up until today. The collection includes cityscapes, aviation, and much much more.

The Index Collection is available on our site where our team works tirelessly to add new footage daily!

Take a look and become a #FootageFanatic!



Clip of the Week: Ice Skating

Winter is coming ⛸️

#SkatingFanatic Emily is thrilled that skating season is in full swing! To get in the spirit, she has selected her Clip of the Week from Dirk Bogarde's personal collection: ice skaters in Central Park.

Unique ID: 117721-4-1176
Location: New York City
Year: 1964

You can find this clip and more of the Dirk Bogarde collection at New footage added daily!

Clip of the Week: SPACE!

Counting down to the weekend 🚀
Our own #SpaceFanatic Andrew has selected the Apollo 11 launch as his Clip of the Week.
Unique ID: NASA559-7-2852
Location: Florida
Year: 1969
You can license this clip and other Apollo 11 footage on our website