Clip of the Week: Red Arrows Take Flight

WHOOSH ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

For today's Clip of the Week, #ThrillFanatic Rich has picked this heart-stopping footage of Red Arrows flying in formation.

Unique ID:115718-13-5196
Location: UK
Year: 1966

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Clip of the Week: #couplegoals 💑

#couplegoals 💑

This Clip of the Week was chosen by our own #SupesAdorbsFanatic Emily: an elderly couple meandering through 1980's New York City.

Those glasses have definitely come back in style, rock on fashion granny! 💁🏻‍♀️

Unique ID: 115640-83-1957Location: New YorkYear: 1980

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Clip of the Week: Apollo 8 Home Movies

We all have old home movies, and so do NASA's best and brightest as seen here in this charming Clip of the Week chosen by #FootageFanatic Andrew. Here, Apollo 8 astronauts hold up the title cards for their own home movies in space.

★ Starring Bill Anders James Lovell Frank Borman ★

Unique ID: NASA534-20-3251
Location: Apollo VIII
Year: 1968

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Clip of the Week: Troitskaya Tower

In this cold weather, #WinterFanatic Nathan's Clip of the Week is of blustery Moscow in 1980.

Hope everyone is bundled up and keeping warm like these fashionable ladies in their fur hats ☃️☃️

Unique ID: 115753-19-732
Location: Russia
Year: 1980

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Clip of the Week: Landing in Snow

Entering the New Year like 🛬 #wemadeit

Happy New Year from the R3el team! We are so excited to continue sharing our #FootageFanaticism with you all, big things to come this year!

#PlaneFanatic Gerry has chosen this week's Clip of the Week, this dramatic shot of a Boeing 737 landing on a snowy runway.

Unique ID: 116155-7-2695
Location: Alaska
Year: 1970

You can license this clip up to 4K at…/boeing-737-landing-in-…/116155-7-2695