Clip of the Week: Clear For Take Off 🛫

#AviationFanatic Gerry has chosen this clip of a pilot at the controls during take-off as our #clipoftheweek!

Unique ID: 115625-10-5288
Location: USA
Year: 1970

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Clip of the Week: *Ride of the Valkyries plays* 🚁 🌅

*Ride of the Valkyries plays* 🚁 🌅

In-house #CinematicFanatic (ha, rhyming) Nathan has chosen our Clip of the Week - a helicopter at sunset over the North Sea.
Unique ID: 116066-12-5207
Location: North Sea
Year: 1976
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Clip of the Week: Mom?

When you lose your mom in the shops 😫

This Clip of the Week was chosen by #BigCatFanatic Thea - just look at his cute little murder paws 😍

Unique ID: 115909-1-5155

Location: Africa

Year: 1980

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Clip of the Week: Watching From the Windows 🏞️

All those days watching from the windows 🏞️

This stunning view has been chosen by #TravelFanatic Jo as our clip of the week!

Unique ID: 115682
Location: Cambodia
Year: 1966

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