Clip of the Week: Places to Go, People to See 🚘🚖

Places to go, people to see 🚘🚖

#TimeLapseFanatic Andrew has chosen this speedy clip of traffic on the Interstate 5 as our #ClipoftheWeek.

Unique ID: 115972-8-3045
Location: Glendale
Year: 2002

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Clip of the Week: Watching the Launch of Apollo 11 🔭

Watching the launch of Apollo 11 🔭

This NASA clip was chosen by #SpaceFanatic Emily for our #ClipoftheWeek!

Unique ID: NASA546-36-249
Location: Florida
Year: 1969You can license this and other NASA footage at 🚀

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Clip of the Week: Driving Down Sunset Boulevard

Driving down 1959 Sunset Boulevard ☀️

This #clipoftheweek from Dirk Bogarde's personal collection was chosen by our #LAFanatic Jo!

Unique ID: 117727-45-869
Location: Los Angeles
Year: 1959

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Clip of the Week: Getch'a Head in the Game 🏐

Getch'a head in the game 🏐
#SportsFanatic Steph has chosen this active Clip of the Week of a friendly beach volleyball game in Brazil.
(We particularly like the bit when the ball hits the tripod)
Unique ID: 115951-10-5180
Location: Brazil
Year: 1975
You can license this clip up to 4K at

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